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Updated: Aug 10

As a business owner, it’s important to raise your company’s morale to be more productive. Unfortunately, you can’t just keep throwing office parties every day of the year. Thanks to advancements in Teams phone system, you can offer a better way to keep your employee’s spirits high by allowing them to collaborate more easily from home. Here are a few reasons why work-at-home strategies paired with Teams Talk works so well.

It’s good for business

Many businesses have misconceptions about their employees who choose to work from home. They assume that their employees will be less productive if they are not within the office environment, however, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Microsoft Teams can empower your small business and work-at-home employees in a number of ways:

  • The cost of business resources, furniture, space and sick days are reduced when there is an effective way for your employees to work at any location.

  • VoIP services promote continued collaboration between employees even if some of them are not in the office, allowing workflow to be more efficient.

  • As a business owner, VoIP gives your company more opportunity for growth, such as by allowing you to communicate and hire people from different countries with minimal cost. 

Perks for employees

Work-from-home policies with Teams phone system are also good for your employees. As more of their workload is digitised, working from home or anywhere else has never been easier. In fact, studies have shown that employees who took days to work from home were actually more productive. Part of this is because it gives them a break from a potentially stressful office environment and, with Teams readily available to them, they feel as if they are part of the workforce. With Microsoft Teams installed, employees can easily collaborate with co-workers.

Using Teams at home also saves your employees from long and costly commutes. They can simply log into Teams on their device and join a conference meeting without physically being in the boardroom. What’s more, employees who want to recall important events during conferences or seminars can use the recording feature. This way, employees can make sure they are correctly approaching their work in their own time.

Teams Phone system requirements for remote workers

If you’re convinced that working from home is a good solution for your company, it is essential that your chosen VoIP service provider offers the following features:

  • Voicemail – Records missed calls and sends you an email of the audio file.

  • Call forwarding – Allows your employees to redirect calls between VoIP devices and their smartphones.

  • Device switching - Lets users play a call or meeting on another HID device that is connected to Teams; for example, switching from their PC speakers to a headset.

  • Third-party integrations – Streamline processes and enable employees to give instant feedback when collaborating on platforms like Office 365.

  • Call answer/initiate (by name and number) - Lets users answer inbound calls with a touch, and place outbound calls either by dialling the full phone number or by clicking a name in the client.

  • Group call pickup and forward to a group - Lets users share incoming calls with colleagues so that the colleagues can answer calls that occur while the user is unavailable. Less disruptive to recipients than other forms of call sharing (such as call forwarding or simultaneous ringing) because users can configure how they want to be notified of an incoming shared call.

  • Busy on Busy (Teams only) - A calling policy that lets you configure how incoming calls are handled when a user is already in a call or conference or has a call placed on hold. The caller will hear a busy signal when the caller is on the phone already. The caller gets a missed call notification but is not able to answer incoming calls. This is feature is disabled by default but can be turned on by the tenant admin.

Many companies are now benefiting from a mobile and remote work environment. Although work-at-home strategies may seem like a risky venture, making the most out of your VoIP technologies will keep your employees happy and productive.

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