Why music on hold is so important

Updated: Jun 23

We have all been put on hold at some point in our life, whether it’s on the phone to your car insurance or your bank. In order to get to the right department, you would have had to go through different voice prompts to get to where you need. Whenever you were waiting, you would have been put on hold where you have listened to hold music. 

Depending on what this music or recorded message might be will impact your opinion on the business. 

Have a think back to the time when you were put on hold. Did you listen to the voice recording or hum along to the music? 

A lot of people prefer to listen to music, rather than just waiting in silence. That's why hold music was introduced in the first place - a space filler, to keep the customer occupied while they wait. 

You probably don’t realise the importance of hold music but is an essential part of a business. Here is why:


As previously mentioned, hold music was introduced to keep a customer occupied while they are waiting for their query to be resolved. It is a way to show the caller that they have been put on hold, and to encourage them to wait, rather than hang up. Even though it can be difficult to find music that is pleasing to everyone waiting, music fills that gap in a way that nothing else can.

Reminds customers they are on hold

Have you ever been waiting on the phone and suddenly you realise it's been disconnected? Sometimes you might not have heard that the phone line has been disconnected, which is incredibly frustrating and a huge waste of your time. Having hold music assures the customer that they are still connected but just on hold. 

Prevent caller from hanging up

Putting a caller on hold can't be helped - you don't want to risk them hanging up while they wait. If the hold music they listen to is pleasant or enjoyable, they'll be more willing to wait. People are more compliant if they feel as though they are not wasting their time. 

Some hold music isn’t actually that bad - if you think back, it's likely you'll remember the music you enjoyed while you were waiting? 


As a business owner, when someone calls you they expect a level of professionalism. Placing someone on hold with no music means they will have to sit and wait in silence, this is not a great impression for that caller. They may think they have been disconnected and hang up, or get bored of waiting and hang up. With a business phone system, when putting that caller on hold, they will hear the hold music and instantly have a better impression of your business.  

Creative opportunity

You may not realise but hold music is an opportunity to show off your business. As small as it may seem, the hold music will reflect the image of your company. You might want to come across fun and upbeat or calm and mellow. Alternatively, it could be something more original. It is completely up to the individual business. 

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