What are the benefits of Microsoft Teams Phone system?

Updated: Jun 23

Microsoft Teams enables every aspect of your business to operate from the same place, and now it can even replace your entire business phone system. Business calls, internal and external, will all be in one place with Microsoft Teams Phones system. 

You may already use Microsoft Teams but why should you swap your phone system over too? The myriad of benefits that come with MS Teams phone system include:

Keeping your existing number

With Teams Talk, it couldn't be easier to transition over to Microsoft Phone System. You will be able to keep your original phone number once your phone system has been transferred, saving you a tremendous amount of hassle.

Doesn’t require proprietary headsets 

Microsoft Phone system is an open system, meaning it works in your computer with Teams. You don’t have to use a proprietary headset if you don't want to - as long as your headset works for Teams or Zoom, it will work with Microsoft Teams Phone system. Additionally, you can use a desk phone, speakerphone, and even a conference phone - whatever works best for each person. A lot of your employees will have different preferences, so having Microsoft phone system will allow your staff to operate the way that works best for them.

High Definition voice calls

You may be thinking because the phone system is on Teams, the quality will not be as good as other phone systems - this is not the case at all. The call quality is high definition, so making calls to colleagues and clients will be crystal clear. It is a clarity that has to be heard to be believed.

Simultaneous calls 

What about multiple people all trying to use the system at once? Not a problem - Microsoft Phone system enables everyone to make and receive calls at the same time. This is because each user has a license, making calls easier than ever.

Out of hours 

Another beneficial feature of Microsoft Phone system is you can set up an automated voicemail system. This prevents you from missing any business outside of work hours. 

One click to call 

Making phone calls on Microsoft Teams has never been easier. With any contacts that are ALREADY in Office 365 all you have to do is click on them to call them. 

This will stop you from wasting time – finding their number, typing it into your phone, and then calling, VS just one click on teams.

Work from anywhere 

One of the best things about Microsoft Phone system is that it’s in the cloud, and therefore accessible wherever. You can work in the office, while commuting, from home, and even overseas. 

There are also apps for smartphones, tablets, Windows, and Mac computers, so you will be able to work from a device of your choice. 

Microsoft Phone system having mobile accessibility encourages employee engagement due to the simplicity of it. There is no need to change app, or use an additional phone to make a call. All they have to do is simply use the team’s app, and contact whoever they need.

Overall, Microsoft Teams Phone system opens a lot of opportunities for businesses.

If you think would work well for your business, or if you have any further questions and would like to enquire about the service, then get in touch today. Our experts will advise you on the next steps to take. 

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