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Updated: Aug 10

If you provide several services, it can be difficult to make your existing customers aware of them all. Even if you have regular account management visits, you can't discuss all of your services every time you meet. One way of getting your services across is to play a voice message on your phone system whilst your customers are on hold. 

Music on Hold

Music on hold is a feature of Microsoft Phone system and many other systems that all you to play music to your callers whilst they wait to be put through.

Many Traditional phone systems require an external music player connected to the phone system hanging on the wall. Most recently, that could have been an iPod, but now with modern cloud voice systems like Microsoft Phone system, it's as simple as uploading an audio track in MP3 format. 

Who wants to wait?

Most companies are striving to not keep callers on hold for too long. The thing is, even if it's only 20 seconds, that's valuable time where you, the caller, are doing nothing else but listening, waiting to get through.  Ultimately, waiting is part of life, so it makes sense to utilise that time effectively and promote your products and services.

Customising Music on Hold with a voice over

You can do this yourself or there are many businesses who specialise in this.  If you do it yourself, here are some things to consider.

  • You need to use royalty-free music

  • You'll want someone with a good voice for the voice recording

  • You'll need someone with basic audio editing skills to edit the track

A good middle ground is to use a company such as and employ the services of someone who can do all of the above at a sensible price. is a marketplace where people can deliver professional services and are rated and reviewed on their results; if you haven't heard of it before it's worth checking out.  Another great option is

There are also numerous businesses who specialise in this and will guide you through the whole processes.  Check out their work before committing to placing an order.

How long should it be?

This really depends on how long your callers are on hold. If it's 60 seconds, then you'll want to make sure you get your message across within that time.  You'll want a short music intro, then a short message, another music interlude, then another message, and so on.  This time will vary across sectors and even countries, so it's important you analyse your current data or get your telephone provider to give you this data.

Other considerations

Also, consider when not to play your message. If the caller has pressed a number to go through to complaints, it probably doesn't make sense to promote your services to them.  Instead, it might make sense to play something more reassuring.

If you've just won an award, this is a good time to add to your music on hold. Let your customers know they are working with a great company.

Think about the style of music for the background. For example, upbeat or overly depressing music may not be appropriate for your business, but something melodic or classical may be best. 

In conclusion

Music on hold is a great marketing tool to promote services, products, awards and even asking for referrals. Mix it up - don't keep the same message for years, rotate them around, maybe on a monthly basis. Don't be scared to ask what your on-hold caller thought about it. Their answer will provide valuable feedback, and they might even ask for more information on what they just heard.

On hold music can be enabled with Microsoft Teams Phone System. If you are interested book an appointment with our experts now or call 03330 15154.

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