All your calls, internal and external, made with Microsoft Teams

Connect with everyone anywhere in the world, all in one place, with Microsoft Teams phone system.


Make and receive calls from home or any location in the world, all using your favourite ear buds


All of your calls, meetings, and messages, available in the simple and familiar Microsoft Teams application


Over  66 hours of calls to UK landlines and mobiles included each month for every employee

Don't leave your business in the past

No one wants to deal with the hassle of phones going down. Communication is king - don't let old technology restrict you.

Speak with a Microsoft Phone expert now.

Phones become obselete

Is your phone system end of life, potentially costing you a fortune in upgrading?

Diverting is a pain

Are you fed up of the hassle of diverting to mobiles?

Only works at work

Normal phones systems are useless if people need to work at home

The Future of Communication

Never miss another call or sale, all from inside a program you're already using

Microsoft Teams Phone system is perfect for the modern business world. Keep up to date with software updates taken care of, by us, all in the background. Automatic diverting, transcripts of missed calls, and so much more.

It's even eco friendly - you'll have no more need to buy plastic phones over and over. 

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The Flexibility of Teams

Use Teams Telephony the way that works best for your business

Teams Telephony can be used with a desktop phone, headset, mobile device and so many other ways.

You know the best way to run your business. That's why Teams Talk is here to make sure that your technology works for you, and not the other way around.

The Teams Talk Guarantee

We will guarantee our work by giving you all of your money back if the system doesn't deliver on your expectations.  We've been setting up VoIP phone systems since 2010, which is why we're 100% confident that you'll be 100% satisfied.  In fact, we've never had to give any money back!


Here's a few of the companies we are proud to work with

"...a fantastic team, who are great to deal with...I couldn't recommend them highly enough."

Nicholas Walker

Managing Director, HPS

“Friendly efficient courteous excellent service”

Andrew McCance

East Grinstead Orthodontic Centre

"The support team are always efficient and helpful, never leaving us stuck with a problem."

Amy Lishman

Brighton Chamber

Switching over is so simple

You want to focus on your business growth and keep moving. Working with Teams Talk is a simple, 3-step process to get you up and running with internal and external calls.


Speak with a Teams expert

Book a meeting and we'll demo the power of Microsoft Phone System so you can see for yourself.


We'll create a plan

We ask the right questions and agree a plan to move you to Microsoft Phone System


We work the plan

We work through the agreed scope of works and get you and your team trained

Features with Teams Talk

Cloud auto attendants

Lets you create a menu system that enables external and internal callers to locate and place (or transfer) calls to company users, or departments in your organisation.

Cloud call queues

Lets you configure how call queues are managed for your organisation: for example, set up greetings and music on hold, search for the next available call agent to handle the call, and so on.

Music on hold

Plays default music defined by the service when an external call from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is placed on hold. This feature works for one-to-one PSTN-to-Teams calls in addition to calls made to a call queue. This feature provides on-hold notification parity with other platforms. Hold music is also not supported in consultative transfer of a PSTN call.

Call answer/initiate (by name and number)

Lets users answer inbound calls with a touch, and place outbound calls either by dialling the full phone number or by clicking a name in the client.

Call forwarding options and simultaneous ring

Lets users answer inbound calls with a touch, and place outbound calls either by dialling the full phone number or by clicking a name in the client.

Group call pickup and forward to group

Lets users share incoming calls with colleagues, so that the colleagues can answer calls that occur while the user is unavailable. This is less disruptive to recipients than other forms of call sharing (such as call forwarding or simultaneous ringing), because users can configure how they want to be notified of an incoming shared call.

Transfer a call and consultative transfer

Lets users share incoming calls with colleagues, so that the colleagues can answer calls that occur while the user is unavailable. This is less disruptive to recipients than other forms of call sharing (such as call forwarding or simultaneous ringing), because users can configure how they want to be notified of an incoming shared call.

Transfer to voicemail mid call

Lets users transfer to voicemail during a call.

Call park and retrieve

Lets users place a call on hold in the Teams service in the cloud. When a call is parked, the service generates a unique code for call retrieval. The user who parked the call or someone else can then use that code and a supported app or device to retrieve the call.

Call phone number from search

Lets users place a call from the search box by using the /call command, and specifying a name or a number.

Caller ID

Calls from inside the company display a detailed caller ID that pulls information from the corporate directory, showing picture ID and job title, instead of just a phone number. For calls from external phone numbers, the caller ID (as provided by the phone service provider) is displayed. If the external phone numbers are secondary numbers in the corporate directory, then the information from the corporate directory will be displayed.

Device switching

Lets users play a call or meeting on another HID device that is connected to Teams; for example, switching from their PC speakers to a headset.

Presence-based call routing

Controls inbound communications with presence, enabling the user to block all incoming communication except from those specifically indicated.

Integrated dial pad

Lets users dial by name or by number anywhere in the search bar and in the dial pad, speeding up the process of making outbound calls.

Federated calling

Lets users securely connect, communicate, and collaborate with users in federated tenants.

Make and receive a video call

If the user's account is enabled for video calls, the user can make face-to-face video calls with their contacts. All they need is a camera, their computer’s speakers and microphone. Users can also use a headset if their computer doesn’t have a built-in audio device.

Cloud voicemail

When a user receives a voicemail, it is delivered to their Exchange mailbox as an email with the voicemail message as an attachment. Users can listen to their messages on their certified desktop phone, and on all Teams or Skype for Business applications. Voicemail transcription is enabled by default for all users.

Cloud voicemail user settings

Lets users configure their client settings for voicemail greetings, call answering rules, and greeting language, including out-of-office greetings.

Secondary ringer

Users with multiple speaker devices connected to their PC can choose to set a secondary device to ring in addition to their default speaker. For example, a user with a headset connected to the PC and desk speakers can choose to have both headset and desk speakers ring when a call comes in so that they don’t miss a call.

Distinctive ring alerts (Teams exclusive)

Lets users choose separate ringtones for normal calls, forwarded calls, and delegated calls, so they can distinguish the type of call.

Shared line appearance

Lets users share their phone line so that another user can make and receive calls on their behalf.

Busy on Busy (Teams exclusive)

A calling policy that lets you configure how incoming calls are handled when a user is already in a call or conference, or has a call placed on hold. The caller will hear a busy signal when the caller is on the phone already. The caller gets a missed call notification, but is not able to answer incoming calls. This is feature is disabled by default, but can easily be turned on by the tenant admin.

Call blocking

Lets users add (PSTN) phone numbers to a blocked list, so that the next call from that number is blocked from ringing the user.

Common area phones

A common area phone is typically placed in an area like a lobby or conference room, making it available to multiple people. Common area phones are set up as devices rather than users, and can automatically sign into a network.

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"Helpful as usual, satisfied my query in a few minutes!"

Lucina Cradfield

Alternative Route Finance Ltd

Rapid resolutions

"Phone was answered promptly early in the morning...[they] sorted the issue in minutes. Thanks so much."

Pamela Boyle

Southern Testing Ltd

“Got me up and running in no time”

Jeanette Gater

Cleankill Environmental Services Ltd

Pricing Plans

Pick the plan that suits your needs the best. Each of the plans are the cost of each license per user*.

Plan 1



Every month

12 month contract

2000 free minutes to landlines

International calls at competitive rates

Monthly call reports

12 month contract

Unlimited support

Plan 2



Every month

36 month contract

Most Popular

2000 free minutes to 01, 02, and 03 landlines

2000 free minutes to UK 07 mobiles

International calls at competitive rates

Monthly call reports

Unlimited support

Unlimited changes

Includes professional voice prompt

Plan 3



Every month

60 month contract

2000 free minutes to 01, 02, and 03 landlines

2000 free minutes to UK 07 mobiles

International calls at competitive rates

Unlimited support

Unlimited changes

Includes professional voice prompt

Includes on hold music and voiceover

No upfront costs

£50 hardware fund per user

Locked in pricing for 5 years

*All plans requires an Office 365 Microsoft Phone system license (included in the cost).  If you already have an Office 365 provider then they can supply this license or we can provide the licensing.

Frequently asked questions

Can I keep our existing phone number?

Yes. You get to keep your existing number. Teams Talk experts will transfer your existing number to Microsoft phone system so you can keep running without a hitch.

Are there free minutes included in the calling plan?

Yes. 4000 minutes included per month per user. These are divided as 2000 minutes to 01, 02 & 03 UK landlines, and then 2000 minutes to 07 UK mobiles.

Are there any Geographical restrictions when using Microsoft phone system?

No - you can work from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. The Microsoft Phone system is in the cloud, and is accessible anywhere using apps for smartphone, tablets, Windows, and Mac computers.

We're a growing business, do I need to buy enough lines now?

Unlike an old telephone system, you don't purchase lines. Instead, you purchase a license for each employee that needs to make and receive external calls. This allows you to scale up as you expand, meaning you only have to pay for what you need now.

Do I need any special equipment to make and receive calls in Microsoft Teams?

No, you can simply use your smartphone as you would for normal calls. If you would prefer some kind of headphones, you can use a simple USB headset, or even your ear buds that came with your smart phone. It's an open system - if it works in your computer, it will work with Teams.

Can I get voicemail?

Yes! As well as getting an alert in the Teams app to say you have a voicemail, you also get a written transcription of the voice message. You can listen to your voicemail within the Teams app on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

Do I need to copy all my contacts from Outlook to Teams in order to call them?

No, all of your outlook contacts in Office 365 will show up in Teams automatically - no copying or moving required.

How good is the call quality?

Calls are High Definition (HD), with a clarity that has to be heard to be believed. That being said, if the other user is using a budget headset, their microphone may degrade the quality to standard delimitation - the same as mobile calls.

Do I still need our existing ISDN lines?

No. Once you move over to Teams, ISDN or analogue lines are no longer required.

How many people can make or receive a call at the same time?

Everyone who has a license can make and receive calls at the same time. Microsoft phone system doesn't use traditional physical lines, meaning the same restrictions don't apply. As long as you have a license, you are good to go.

Can I have an out of hours voicemail?

Yes. You can route calls to voicemail, or elsewhere, according to your office hours schedule.

Why would we use Teams Talk to implement this system?

We've been installing VoIP for over 10 years, and have a huge amount of combined experience. On top of that, part of our business is IT infrastructure, so we can create the perfect IT network for optimum quality of service (QoS).

Can you provide us with connectivity such as FTTC or Ethernet leased lines?

We can provide a voice optimised circuit that will provide Quality of Service for calls but also allow excellent data throughput. We can also provide an automatic failover service so that calls and data is always available.

How does this work?

We use Microsoft's direct routing process to connect to the award winning Gamma telephone network to provide the best in class service.

What is direct routing?

This is a Microsoft service that facilitates connecting the Teams phone system to external telecom networks. This is ultimately more flexible as the Microsoft calling plans were costly, clunky with difficult to understand billing.

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